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Phil Galfond may Run it Once, but TonyBet will Run it Twice

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Is there really anyone in the poker world who doesn’t know Phil Galfond? He’s pretty much a household name by this point, and just yesterday, he announced his brand new poker site called Run It Once. However, TonyBet disagrees and offers unique Run it Twice tournaments instead.

The brand-new poker platform with the poker pro for its head is expected to be available early on the following year. At the moment, there isn’t a lot of information on Galfond’s new venture to be found, but he has declared that Run it Once is aiming to attract a wide variety of poker players – from high-stake professionals to rookies.

Meanwhile the young and ambitious poker room TonyBet has often declared that their focus lies on recreational players. This platform is run by people who believe that amateurs must not be fed to the sharks, and this is where the idea for the unique Run it Twice tournaments came from. These tournaments are going to be launched shortly, featuring the function that was previously only available in live cash games.

“A lot of our players love live poker, which is why we are excited to head in this direction. We always think about how fun the game will be when we start to develop a new product, because we don’t want online poker to become a game of click-a-button,” said TonyBet representative Warren Lush. “The introduction of safe and convenient OFC poker experience online was a huge success, and we feel ready to advance with the unique Run it Twice tournaments.”

TonyBet is launching daily Run it Twice tournaments in the middle of September 2016, and at the end of the same month, the poker room is introducing a Run it Twice freeroll festival with a guaranteed €15 000 prize pool.